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What to do in Amsterdam ...

Despite January being one of the coldest months of the year, it is also one of the most interesting times to visit Amsterdam.
Here is why and what to do in Amsterdam in January 2020.
After the Christmas and New Year’s party buzz, the city is finally clean and peaceful again. If you are not a big fan of crowds and hoards of tourists – January is the perfect time to visit.
Finally, there is the chance for you to feel and truly see Amsterdam as ‘how it used to be’. Though the local government tries to improve the urban city structure every year (oh look, there is construction everywhere again) this city has never been designed to host somany humans. January gives Amsterdam a chance to breathe out, so you can enjoy the beautiful streets without crowds, easily find a spot in a popular cafe. Visit multiple winter attractions and enjoy the museums without standing in a long line – though we still advise you to book all your tickets on-line.


1. Ice skating.

 Whether you’re a beginner or an ice ballerina – there are a few ice rinks in the city to practice your moves. The best one is located at the Museumplein – the square between the Rijks and Van Gough museums. You can rent the skates for 6.50 Euro for an unlimited time. And if it’s your first time – use a chair. Yes, we are serious, it’s an old and proven way to make your first steps on the ice. You can pick up a chair once at the rink. With disco-pop music, your time will fly, and your legs will ache a bit the next day. But we promise – it’s totally worth it!





        2. Amsterdam Light Festival – till 19th January. 

It is the 8th year Amsterdam canals once more are graced with fantastic light sculptures from international artists. The best way to see all installations is to take a boat tour going along the festival route. And don’t worry, all the boats are roofed and warm. The artworks are
switched on daily from 5 pm to 11 pm. For full information and bookings, please visit the official website:






3. National Tulip Day 

January 18th marks in the Netherlands for 2020 and the theme is World of Colours. If you happen to be in Amsterdam on this day, head to Dam Square and pick yourself a tulip. There will be over 200,000 tulips planted in the city. Join over 100 other people who will head to the temporary garden on Dam Square to pick your very own tulip to take home. Who knew you could get the tulip fever in January? National tulip day






4. Visit Amsterdam Museums 

Ah finally – no crowds and long messy lines.
Explore on your own or with a tour, but whatever you choose, take an audio guide headphone set. You can also download the museum app and bring your headphones for free.

Rijksmuseum –
Depending on your attention span and how much art you can take in one day – dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours to this place. Get transported to the past, absorb the world-famous Paintings and walk out amazed and enlightened.

Rembrandt House –
Approximately 2-hour tour covers the painter’s finest years and offers the visitors an insight into Rembrandt’s lifestyle, working and living in the 17th-century house.  Did you know that Rembrandt and his contemporaries used to sleep half seated?

Museum Van Gogh –  
Vincent’s “best of” in one spot. Themed exhibitions are showcasing Van Gogh’s selected works. A must!

Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography  
January exhibition – Outside Fashion – Fashion photography from the studio to exotic places (1900–1969) – slick and beautiful to strange and bizarre. A fun exploration into the world of fashion photography. We dare you not to take Instagram photos inside!

Foam –  
Hop on one of the gallery’s Free Guided tours (check the site for dates and times). You’ll
be guided by experienced museum educators who will challenge you to look closely
at the works, and form your own opinion on the photography in the museum. During the free tour, you will visit the exhibitions with a group of at most 15 people. It’s never too late
to learn something new!

• Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam –
Exhibition In January – Chagall, Picasso, Mondrian and others: Migrant artists in Paris
(1900–1950). Colours and forms – explore the work, the genius, and the reflection of Paris art life in the first half of the 20th century. Then book a train to Paris!

5. Local Markets

All residential neighbourhoods of Amsterdam have markets where you can sample local and international food. While some markets are an everyday affair, others pop up only during the weekends.

Albert Cuyp Market in De Pijp – Monday to Saturday
From fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, second-hand clothing to freshly made waffles and
herring stalls – this market stretches along the busy Albert Cuypstraat. Open every day
except Sundays, it’s a sure way to enjoy the variety (and the randomness) of goods and food Amsterdam has to offer.



Noordermarkt in Jordaan – Saturday only
Located on the Noorderkirk church square, this market happens only on Saturdays.
Excellent farm produce, freshly baked bread and croissants, oysters and Prosecco anyone?  While the front part boasts upper-middle-class food habits, the back is gracefully mixing antiques with second-hand clothing — a real treat on a Saturday afternoon.

TenKate Markt in Oud-West – Tuesday to Saturday
The trendy Oud-West neighbourhood also has its own delicacies sold daily at this market. We love it for a few particular snacks:
Brazilian stand selling Coxinhas – spiced chicken meat rolled in mashed potato shaped like a tear and deep-fried. Finger licking and pretty filling treat!A little further down you will find the stall with a variety of mini bites from olives, stuffed mini peppers to dates with cheese wrapped in bacon. Those are delicious fresh from the oven, and I baked on request. We usually go for a minimum of 3! And a hummus stand located at the very back. Boasting over ten flavours to choose from, the stall guys will help you to sample any hummus before you make your choice. We can’tget enough of the mango one. Prepared by an Iranian chef using his family recipe – it’s one of the best in the city.After you are done, pop into De Hallen next door for more food and drinks. This former tram depot is the local hub for all things cool. Small designer boutiques and an indoor food court.

Whatever you do – try Gin& Tonic stall and good quality (and healthy!) Mexican food at Fento.OR if you fancy some dutch specialities , just join our Food by foot walking tour and start the year with us .  Happy exploring and Happy New Year from Amsterdam Urban Adventures Team .

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From salty fries, to sweet tiny treats and sipping boozy spirits, this indulgent Amsterdam tour should come with a health warning!

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From salty fries, to sweet tiny treats and sipping boozy spirits, this indulgent Amsterdam tour should come with a health warning!