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What to do in Amsterdam ...

Self Love in the times of Corona



So here we are – it’s not a science fiction movie, nor a distant future – it’s here, it’s now.
Whether you believe it or not – the wisest would be not to panic and to take all necessary
precautions with a clear calm mind. Do it for if not your own sake then for those
surrounding you (hopefully at a safe distance 😉 Stay home. This is the time we are all
forced to slow down and face…OURSELVES.
Here in Amsterdam, we’ve been self-isolating and while spending time alone or with the
closest – we came up with a few ideas on how to spend this time productively.


1. Make your bed up and change your clothes to start the day.

We are learning that keeping some of the usual routines is quite beneficial for our mental well-being. Yes, it is tempting to spend all your day in pyjamas, snacking and binge-watching TV series, but how long can you go on like that before you will feel completely removed from the reality and quite frankly drained?
Making your bed in the mornings is a small trick to make yourself feel like you’ve just
ticked off one task from your day – a small, but powerful action. Changing your clothes to
anything, but pyjama helps to continue with the rest of the tasks you might have on the day.

2. Read a book.

a book sitting on top of a grass covered field

Remember that novel that your friend/aunt/partner recommended to you ages ago and
you still haven’t read it? Now is the time. Reading a book is far better stimuli for your
imagination and it keeps your brain fresh. On the contrary watching endless movies,
series or funny YouTube videos drains us of energy and gets us a one step closer to
feeling passive and demotivated. And in these trying times, we gotta keep our motivation
up so we function somewhat normally.

3. Exercise.

a person sitting on a table

Yes, you can’t go to your local gym anymore, but there are plenty of work out routines
you can do at home. Our personal favourite is @elisesbodyshop on Instagram. Follow her
account for short videos on how to keep in shape without living your isolation cave. Ever
tried using a bottle of wine instead of weights? You can reward yourself after you are
done (high five! …in gloves of course 🙂
Choose 4 to 6 exercises and dedicate at least 30 minutes (or an hour if you are the fit type).

Do 10-15 reps each and 3-4 rounds. Trust us, it will make you feel amazing
afterwards, as it will boost your energy, improve your mood, which will… yes! as we
mentioned above – will keep your motivation up!
And if you do it as the last thing of your day – it will help you to sleep like a baby.

4. Visit a Museum – take a virtual tour.

a large room

Your trip to Amsterdam got cancelled and your museum tickets remain un-checked?
Nothing to worry about – you can take a virtual tour of Van Gogh Museum while sitting
on your sofa (but only if you have changed from your pyjamas… just kidding).

Go to
The 7 part short videos allow you to explore the museum alone, without worrying if you
are keeping the safe distance 🙂
Ann Frank Museum
Here are other museums in the world that offer similar online experiences:
● British Museum, London
● Tate Britain, London
● Palace of Versailles, France
● The Louvre, Paris
● Musee d’Orsay, Paris
● Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
● Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid
● Uffizi Gallery, Florence

5. Listen to music.

Remember when you were young and used to listen to music almost all the time? This is a
perfect opportunity to transport yourself to those times, to listen to your old favourites or
browse for something new. When was the last time you have discovered new music or an
For that we love Spotify – you can pick any music genre, artist or mood to fit your taste.
Continue discovering by trying out the suggested artists in ‘Fans Also Like’ listed below
the tracks. If you want Spotify to pick for you – go to Radio – it will play for hours the music
based on tracks you’ve been listening recently.
Once you’ve found your groove – how about dancing around naked?
We can guarantee it will make you feel energised, to say the least!
If dancing naked is not an option – make a playlist for a friend/partner. The Millennials and
older surely remember the times when making tapes for each other was such a joy!

We hope these few tips will make your quarantine time so great you will want to remain
with yourself even after it’s all over 🙂

With love from the  Amsterdam Urban Adventures Team.