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a large air plane on a cloudy day
In May the Dutch airlines KLM started running limited flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, and Helsinki as the
lifting of restrictions happen in Europe. As the official closure of all public attractions and museums continues, this can rule the number of tourists visiting
until September. In case you are curious or happen to be in the city, our team wanted to provide a list of activities the locals have been enjoying these past months. In the spirit of the law, we advise all people to be aware of the current travel restrictions in the Nl ( ).
Going for a walk:
a group of people riding on the back of a boat
Going for a walk instead of biking is the number one activity for people in the city
right now. Not very different from something every visitor dose naturally. Residents
find it refreshing as the crowds are limited. For a local, exploring different
neighbourhoods is new. In a city where people spend most of their time on public
transit or biking, walking is something everyone seems to have time to do now.
Gravitating to a public park is where most people are going too. Europe is
experiencing a beautiful spring, and people are travelling to any one of the 30 local
parks in the city. Some of the best are Amstel, Beatrix, Amsterdam Bos, and Marina.
  How about Restaurants?
a dining table in front of a building
A percentage of restaurants, bars, and coffee cafes have remained open to takeaway
during the pandemic. Starting in June, the government will allow each to open with
reservations only and limited seating arrangements. The official request is groups of
three or more should be of the same family, but lots of people have been socially
meeting with one or two friends they are comfortable around. Many are enjoying grabbing a beer from a
takeaway bar and sitting on a bridge or public bench to share a moment.
And more ….:)
a colorful flower garden in front of a forest
Significant interest and something I find very dutch is the increase in gardening
projects during this period. Plants the dutch have in abundance, which everyone can
enjoy on every street front, backyard, public garden, or allotment.
One last activity happening everywhere is the need to exercise. As all the gyms are
closed, Amsterdamers remain in small groups jumping, kicking, punching, and
running, as well as dog walking, lawn bowling, horseback riding, and badminton in a
collective need to stay responsible with a touch of normality.